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About the PSL GmbH

The PSL GmbH refines glass and plastic containers for the food and beverage industry with approx. 240 employees. For more than 20 years we have been working together with well-known customers from the most diverse fields and convince through innovation and reliability.
Located in Hehlen on the Weser and Zeltingen on the Moselle, we are close to our customers and partners.

Our Vision

Strong brands are built through a strong shelf presence – with packaging that stands out at the moment of truth.

We are driven by continuous development and an innovative mindset. With our expertise in cutting-edge decorations, we will help you achieve the optimal look and feel for your brand.

We aim at providing you with the latest, environmentally-friendly decoration possibilities, allowing you to elevate your brand to the next level – now and in the future.

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We follow the highest quality standards in our production and also recognize our responsibility towards the environment.
We focus on physiologically harmless and resource-saving production processes. Hence, we opted for low temperature techniques, organic printing inks and organic coatings.

Our highly-developed, waste-free coating process leaves no emissions to the environment. The overspray is collected with special materials and then reused as a raw material by other industries.

We screen print only with organic UV inks. These inks do not contain any heavy metals such as led or cadmium, nor do they require energy-intensive lehrs. Resource efficiency is guaranteed. With our photovoltaic system, we even cover a large part of the energy we need ourselves.


As an independent family business with a down-to-earth policy, we set sustainable economic targets for ourselves. A high degree of innovation and our role as trendsetter in the market build continuity.


People are our most valuable asset. Most of our employees have been with us for more than ten years. Our churn rate is very low. We have several apprentices each year to fulfil our role in the region.

A reliable family company

We are a family-run company in which trust and reliability play an important role.

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