Coating gives a bottle a silky, fresh and valuable look and feel. Our thin ink coverage preserves the glass character and the visibility of embossings, thereby complementing the bottle design. Our coatings have outstanding resistance ensuring that the bottle is in prime condition when reaching the end user.

Our in-house colour matching makes it possible to realize nearly all colours with a variety of effects:

◾ Translucent or opaque
◾ Matt or glossy
◾ Frosted look
◾ Multiple colours on one bottle
◾ Partial coating



Coating can be applied all the way to the top of the bottle and may also give protection against UV-light.

The process is highly developed, physiologically harmless, with no heavy metals or solvent emissions.


Screen Printing

Screen Printing opens new design possibilities and guarantees a look that makes the bottle stand out on the shelf. It enables generous designs covering even the conical or waisted areas of the bottle.

Nearly all bottle shapes can be printed – even around the edges. We use individual colour matching (e.g. PMS reference) and can apply up to seven colours in just one print run.

Our system allows also gradient colours and 4C illustrations. Thanks to the camera positioning, print results are highly accurate and detailed.

Digital Printing

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping creates strong shelf appeal and can be easily combined with Screen Printing. It can be applied on both naked and coated bottles.

With foil stamping you can incorporate fine, shiny details or large, solid metallic areas into your designs. It is available in a variety of different metallic colours and effects.

Our new technology introduces the possibility to apply up to three metallic colours at once, thus allowing shiny, eye-catching designs.


Sleeving gives a freedom to utilize the whole surface of the bottle for brand communication. It is a great canvas for conveying strong messages and has proven its potential in special and promotional editions.

All printing techniques and sleeve materials are available to meet your needs. We provide a full service including the coordination of the artwork creation, material selection, sleeve procurement and application.

Both empty and filled bottles can be sleeved in our facilities, and a bonded warehouse for beer, wine and spirits is available.


Application of pressure sensitive label offers you cost-efficient decoration possibilities.

Outsourcing the label application minimizes downtimes in the filling process. It is an alternative, saving you from investing in tooling at your production line.

Thanks to camera positioning, the labels can be applied in line with embossings, making sure they are accurately positioned.